FIT TO EAT in 8 weeks

8 Weeks of Nutrition and Wellness Classes

Now is the time to build your health and create a healthy family.  Nutrient deficient foods, health myths, fad diets, inactivity, and the toxic nature of our modern world is making people sick.  This 8 week program will enlighten and expose the truth of what is healthy and maybe not so healthy.  Seats will be limited.

Weekly Topics

  • America's Epidemic
  • The Sugar Battle
  • Detoxification
  • Nutritional Label Reading 
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cellular Nutrition
  • How Stress effects your body
  • Truth behind supplements. The Good and the Bad! 
  • Family and Home Health

Guest Speakers

Chiropractors, Medical Physicians, Holistic Physicians, Trainers, and Testimonials

Register for FIT TO EAT

The first class is free to attend and the FIT TO EAT Program restarts every 4 weeks. 

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