Meet the team

Kristen White - Owner

I joined the Fitness Industry in 2004 when I started teaching group classes.  I played sports throughout my childhood and high school years and have always loved being active.  Now I  enjoy running, cycling, strength and HIIT training.  If it challenges me, I typically get addicted.  I love getting to work with others and watch them evolve into something they never knew was possible... in terms of health, self confidence, and strength.  Most of my clients turn into life long friends, because we push, learn, laugh and sometimes even cry together.  It's a process, but worth it! 

Briamst Castro- Trainer/Coach

I was born in Honduras, but Tennessee has been my home since the age of 13. I played varsity soccer at Union University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Exercise Science. I am passionate about teaching proper technique and application of basics to advanced movements of strength and conditioning. Whether you’re aspiring to be a collegiate athlete, dreaming of being a professional athlete or working toward moving well in daily activities, I will develop a program that will work best for your needs. I love to play soccer on the weekends and watch soccer on TV. One of my favorite quotes is "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." -Maya Angelou-  

Anna English- Instructor

Working out has always been one of my favorite stress reducers. I instantly feel in love with group classes in college because of the encouragement. I love coaching and watching people give their best.  The "group effect" is proven to help you maintain your motivation through support and inspiration.  The students inspire me and I get the privilege to push them to do their best."

Kendall Maness- Trainer

I am a RN and have a passion for fitness. I personally have lost over 100 lbs over the span of about a year.  Learning the right foods and proper exercise was key.  I am thankful I made the change and look forward to helping others do the same. I know how hard it can feel, but it is possible!  Every day is a day to be thankful and learn to take it step by step and not get overwhelmed! 

JT Hatcher

  I am here with an arsenal of educational, practical and medically based fitness and health approaches that will not only get you into the best shape of your life, but add healthy years to your life as well. As a personal trainer and crossfit level one certified coach with over 7 years of training experience, I can help you with any of your fitness goals. I strive to make your fitness journey as simple as possible, with training methods that are clear cut and to the point. So if your goals are to lose weight, add pounds to your Olympic lifts, get bigger or faster or to shave minutes off of your 40 yard dash, Contact me today and let’s get to your results!  

Adrian Parchman-Cycle Instructor

I’m the owner of Hub City Bicycle and have been cycling and doing triathlons since 2003. I was formerly a cycle instructor at Solus and enjoy indoor class motivation and challenges! I conduct bike-fits at my shop and will make sure your cycle bike is correctly setup before class!  I’ve always enjoyed endurance sports and recently completed my 4th Spartan Race and Spartan Trifecta. I like to bring my knowledge of outdoor cycling to each indoor class for a unique experience. 

Dawn Blake- Yoga Instructor

I have been practicing Yoga for 15 years and originally started to help my recovery from all the intense workouts I was involved with. I never looked back!  Invigorating, challenging, and universal are a few words I would choose to describe yoga. There is something to offer people of all ages and fitness levels. Yoga has the ability to challenge the body while simultaneously quieting the mind. Yoga is a blessing because it is low impact yet will strengthen joints, create lean muscle, and build bone density! I look forward to sharing my practice! 

Jonathan Borden- Cycle Instructor

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Brad Adkins- Cycle Instructor

Alex Bowers- CF Instructor